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EP 14: Leveraging Your Natural Abilities In Business with Elizabeth Cook


You are listening to episode number 13 of the Grace-Filled CEO podcast. Have you ever wondered how to balance all the things? And not just keep all of the plates spinning in the air but actually doing it all well to where you feel like you can sleep well at the end of the day. I wish this were more common and it wasn’t. But we can feel a lot of pressure being the decision-makers in our businesses. Today’s episode is going to walk you through how to do business on your terms and do it well. I think this is going to offer a lot of value to you and teach you how to operate your business from your personal and professional values. Buckle up and let’s get to work!

EP 13: How to Balance Life and Business and Do It Well


You are listening to episode number 12 of the Grace-Filled CEO. Today’s episode is about leadership and what are arguably the top three ways to be the best leader for your team. this episode is about growing yourself as a leader I would also say that it’s not about you or me at all. It’s more about the people that we lead and how we can serve them well.

jillian dolberry how to be the best leader

EP 11: Valuing Your Skills & Unapologetically Getting Paid

CEO Mindset

When you start your business, it is almost always just you to begin with. There are so many beautiful, wonderful things about being a Solopreneur. But then when you get to hire someone to join in on the mission and the passion and the excitement with you, you realize that you have been given a taste of something magical and you do not want to go backwards. Having help in your business and being able to outsource is truly a gift. And while not all of us can afford it right away, we always need to have a healthy view of what is ours to do, and what isn’t ours to do.

EP 10: What Is The Best Use Of Your Time As a CEO?

CEO Mindset

CEO Use Of Time

While it may be a new concept for some, online business managers have been around for a while and take all shapes and specialties. Some OBMs only offer VIP days, or project builds, or are launch specialists, or are in your business in the day to day. It’s very likely that there is an OBM to fit what ever need you have.

EP 08: Your Capacity Is Not Your Capability

CEO Mindset

Can we talk about calendar fatigue? My calendar looks like a skittles factory. You may not understand what that means if you don’t color-code your google calendar like I do, but that may need to be it’s own episode! ANYWAY – There is a lot going on there. A lot of appts, a lot of commitments, a lot of reminders and birthdays and meetings…. TO NAME A FEW.

EP 07: 4 Non-Negotiables You Need on Your Calendar as a CEO (or working) Mama


We are a couple of weeks into the new year at this point and I don’t know about you, but I am equal parts energized and tired. Can you be both? I don’t know but we are going to go with it! I really feel like you probably feel the same way. This week that I am recording this, I have booked a new client within the first week of the new year which has me so so excited and energized! I also have a sick kid at home, 5 doctor’s appts I will be taking my family to just this week, and about a million personal things happening. Being a CEO mama is not being ON all of the time, making every meeting, and being put together always. It’s the balance between being present for the moments that matter, and showing up in your business as yourself. Even if that is 50% energized and 50% fatigued from life. By no means is this new way of doing meetings groundbreaking. I mean sure, it will help you become more productive and it may be exactly what your team needs to streamline your meetings. But most importantly, this topic is proof that sometimes we have to do our business our own way. We make it what we need it to be for our families. We show up in ways that reflect who we are and how we can best serve our business.

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