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Start Listening! 🎧 YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS INTERVIEWWITH MARA KUCIREK! Episode Highlights: Resources: Episode Recap The Power of Online Courses: A Conversation with Mara Cucireck As the Grace-Filled CEO podcast host, I recently welcomed Mara Cucireck, an online course expert, to the show. Mara is a seasoned professional who helps creative entrepreneurs […]

Ep. 36: How A VA Can Transform Your Course-Based Business with Mara Kucirek

Start Listening! 🎧 NOT UP FOR LISTENING? READ THE TRANSCRIPT BELOW! 🤓👇 Episode Notes Job descriptions are a necessary evil for your business. I understand how easy it can be to create a template and then leave it alone for a while. However, that can lead to problems you may not see until you hire a […]

EP 35: 3 Reasons You Need To Trash The VA Job Description! Do This Instead.

Start Listening! 🎧 YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS INTERVIEWWITH ELIZABETH MCCRAVY! Episode Highlights: Resources: Episode Recap Building a Grace-Filled Business: A Conversation with Elizabeth McCreevy Hello everyone, I’m Jillian Dolberry, your host for the Grace-Filled CEO podcast. Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Elizabeth McCreevy, a website designer, podcaster, and mother based […]

Start Listening! 🎧 NOT UP FOR LISTENING? READ THE TRANSCRIPT BELOW! 🤓👇 Episode Notes Join Jillian in discussing a few keys to building a collaborative team culture remotely! If you are someone who has a team already and you care about the people who you’ve been trusted with, and you want to build that collaborative community […]

Ep 31: How To Build A Collaborative Team Culture Remotely

Joining me this week is Beth Kocol, an automation expert and Dubsado specialist who is going to tell us how to build an automated AND personalized client experience using Dubsado. If you are looking to save time in your business without sacrificing being personable in your business, this episode is for you!

Ep 27: Building An Automated AND Personalized Client Experience Using Dubsado with Beth Kocol

Welcome to episode 18 of The Grace-Filled CEO Podcast. I’m grateful you are listening in because this episode is going to empower you in taking time off in your business. I am not just going to advocate that you do it, but I’m going to tell you how to do it well so you can come back refreshed and NOT overwhelmed. We’ve all experienced the post vacation or post-time off overwhelm where we hop back into the inbox and it’s overflowing with questions and updates and we are unsure where to start. Or maybe it’s logging back into your project management tool and seeing ALLLL of the notifications. Truly, the day after vacay is ROUGH. And dare I even say it’s even tougher as an entrepreneur because in some cases we already feel guilty for taking the time off and the pressure that everyone needs something from us just creates the perfect storm of overwhelm. 

We are a couple of weeks into the new year at this point and I don’t know about you, but I am equal parts energized and tired. Can you be both? I don’t know but we are going to go with it! I really feel like you probably feel the same way. This week that I am recording this, I have booked a new client within the first week of the new year which has me so so excited and energized! I also have a sick kid at home, 5 doctor’s appts I will be taking my family to just this week, and about a million personal things happening. Being a CEO mama is not being ON all of the time, making every meeting, and being put together always. It’s the balance between being present for the moments that matter, and showing up in your business as yourself. Even if that is 50% energized and 50% fatigued from life. By no means is this new way of doing meetings groundbreaking. I mean sure, it will help you become more productive and it may be exactly what your team needs to streamline your meetings. But most importantly, this topic is proof that sometimes we have to do our business our own way. We make it what we need it to be for our families. We show up in ways that reflect who we are and how we can best serve our business.

EP 06: The New Way of Laser-Focused, Productive (and Quick!) Meetings

sh. Our brains and bodies are tired, while simultaneously spinning with all the ideas and things to implement. Today I am going to share the top three actions I take after I attend a conference that get me an immediate return on my investment. I might even share some high-level pro tips for organizing the chaos that is our brains. Do I have you hooked yet? Let’s get to it.

EP 03: 3 Things I Do To Get An Immediate ROI From a Conference


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