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Ep 18: Preparing to be Out Of Office and Coming Back Without Overwhelm


We are a couple of weeks into the new year at this point and I don’t know about you, but I am equal parts energized and tired. Can you be both? I don’t know but we are going to go with it! I really feel like you probably feel the same way. This week that I am recording this, I have booked a new client within the first week of the new year which has me so so excited and energized! I also have a sick kid at home, 5 doctor’s appts I will be taking my family to just this week, and about a million personal things happening. Being a CEO mama is not being ON all of the time, making every meeting, and being put together always. It’s the balance between being present for the moments that matter, and showing up in your business as yourself. Even if that is 50% energized and 50% fatigued from life. By no means is this new way of doing meetings groundbreaking. I mean sure, it will help you become more productive and it may be exactly what your team needs to streamline your meetings. But most importantly, this topic is proof that sometimes we have to do our business our own way. We make it what we need it to be for our families. We show up in ways that reflect who we are and how we can best serve our business.

EP 06: The New Way of Laser-Focused, Productive (and Quick!) Meetings


sh. Our brains and bodies are tired, while simultaneously spinning with all the ideas and things to implement. Today I am going to share the top three actions I take after I attend a conference that get me an immediate return on my investment. I might even share some high-level pro tips for organizing the chaos that is our brains. Do I have you hooked yet? Let’s get to it.

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