Ep 22: (Part 2 of 3) You Don’t Have To Do Business Alone! Building Community With Others Who Support Your Voice with Megan Phillips

October 19, 2022

Podcasts: The Grace Filled CEO

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Episode Highlights:

  • Being Intentional as a business owner (and as a parent!)
  • Building an authentic culture in business and life
  • My dog Stella wanting her voice to be heard 🐶
  • Finding your voice on social media


Meet Megan!

Megan Phillips is so much more than just a social media manager… here is what she shared with me…

“After my 2nd kiddo was born, I realized that there had to be more in life than working a 9-5 & that it wasn’t worth all the time I was missing from my kids' lives. After giving corporate the metaphorical middle finger (in reality, I gave the appropriate amount of notice and even trained my replacement), I did just what I intended to do… I took my mom duties very seriously and went into full-action mom mode. Let’s just say, I was living my best life, that was until I completely lost myself to motherhood. I felt like I was only good for changing diapers, fetching snacks, and restarting paw patrol. I felt like I lost my sense of purpose outside of being a mom and to be totally honest, it was a lonely place to be. This is when entrepreneurship came on the scene. It gave me the opportunity to be home with my family AND also have something for myself. It was and still is the best of both worlds. I love that I get to spend quality time with my kids while also getting to support online service providers by taking social media off of their very full plates.”

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