EP 14: Leveraging Your Natural Abilities In Business with Elizabeth Cook

June 28, 2022

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You will not want to miss this interview with Elizabeth Cook!
See what we will cover. 

You are listening to episode 14 of The Grace-Filled CEO. Today's episode is gonna be a little bit longer and a little bit different. But in the best way! I'm having my first guest on the podcast and I don't think I could have chosen a better person. Elizabeth Cook is going to join me here in a few and talk to us about using our natural abilities and leveraging them to grow our businesses WELL. In this episode, it doesn't matter if you're a solopreneur or you are building your team, there is something in this episode for everyone. Let's dive in!

This episode is brought to you by a service that I offer that I think could be so beneficial for you and your business. I offer one-on-one strategy sessions. There is no further commitment if you just feel like you need that one-on-one time to break through something in your business. In this call, we will dig into where your business stands today and where you want it to go. We will really dig into conflict areas, and places where you feel stuck or have concerns and work through some creative ways to overcome those obstacles. We will also think through the next steps for your business. You will leave the call with a recording, and an activation plan to get moving toward your goals! Book a call here or email me ( to get started.

Learn more about Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook is a Productivity and Team Collaboration Consultant who works with entrepreneurs to fast track their understanding of how their team works best together. Using a tool called the Kolbe A™ Index, she identifies how you best use your time and energy so that you can reach solutions quickly with little frustration.
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Here is what we discussed on our call!

What is the Kolbe?
0h 7m 8s

How does it compare to other personality tests?
0h 18m 31s

What do we learn from it?
0h 28m 48s

How do we leverage that knowledge in our business?
0h 35m 54s

How have you seen business owners grow after taking the Kolbe test? (case study? – real stories?)
0h 41m 3s

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