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Ep 20: Building Out Your Relationship and Results Driven Offering with Val Duvik


Erika is a bookkeeping coach who partners with female entrepreneurs who are learning to track their business finances & understand their numbers to make strategic decisions! She also has the best reels ever.

Ep 19: Mastering Your Own Bookkeeping with Erika Millard


Welcome to episode 18 of The Grace-Filled CEO Podcast. I’m grateful you are listening in because this episode is going to empower you in taking time off in your business. I am not just going to advocate that you do it, but I’m going to tell you how to do it well so you can come back refreshed and NOT overwhelmed. We’ve all experienced the post vacation or post-time off overwhelm where we hop back into the inbox and it’s overflowing with questions and updates and we are unsure where to start. Or maybe it’s logging back into your project management tool and seeing ALLLL of the notifications. Truly, the day after vacay is ROUGH. And dare I even say it’s even tougher as an entrepreneur because in some cases we already feel guilty for taking the time off and the pressure that everyone needs something from us just creates the perfect storm of overwhelm. 

Ep 17: 3 Must-Haves for Planning for Time Off in Your Business with Madison Brown


You are listening to episode number 16 of “The Grace-Filled CEO” – today’s episode is like being a fly on the wall with other CEO mamas over coffee. I am joined by my business besties, Madison Brown and Lane Simion, and we have a candid conversation about what it’s like to run a business as moms and CEOs. Ever wondered how to juggle it all? Well… I can’t say there is a magic formula, but I can say that grace is the only way. Hope you enjoy this episode!

EP 16: A Candid Conversation with CEO Moms Madison Brown and Lane Simion


You’re listening to episode number 15 of The Grace-Filled CEO podcast. I have such a treat for you today. Abby Martinez is joining me for an in-depth conversation about making pivots in your business. Usually when change comes, we want to run for the hills but sometimes change can be really really good. Abby and I talk about money mindset, fears that come up, and how to realign ourselves to where we need to be. If you were thinking about making a change in your business or you’re in the middle of changing something in your business, this episode is for you! You are not alone in this, and we’ve got your back.

EP 14: Leveraging Your Natural Abilities In Business with Elizabeth Cook


You are listening to episode number 13 of the Grace-Filled CEO podcast. Have you ever wondered how to balance all the things? And not just keep all of the plates spinning in the air but actually doing it all well to where you feel like you can sleep well at the end of the day. I wish this were more common and it wasn’t. But we can feel a lot of pressure being the decision-makers in our businesses. Today’s episode is going to walk you through how to do business on your terms and do it well. I think this is going to offer a lot of value to you and teach you how to operate your business from your personal and professional values. Buckle up and let’s get to work!

EP 13: How to Balance Life and Business and Do It Well


You are listening to episode number 12 of the Grace-Filled CEO. Today’s episode is about leadership and what are arguably the top three ways to be the best leader for your team. this episode is about growing yourself as a leader I would also say that it’s not about you or me at all. It’s more about the people that we lead and how we can serve them well.

jillian dolberry how to be the best leader

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