How are you checking in today?

Business can be overwhelming and lonely sometimes, which is why nothing makes me happier than getting to cheer you on in the thick of it. 

Whether you are checking in fulfilled and energized, chaotic, tired or overwhelmed, there is a place for all of that here. Keep reading! 

Hey Friend!

an Online Business Manager for Creatives. 

I’m a wife and mama to some amazing little people (and a pretty cute dog too). We live in an awesome area of TN where we have a blast getting outside and enjoying creation. I’m an artist at heart with a degree in Graphic Design, but have found I thrive in helping creatives set up sustainable systems in their biz.

I'm  Jillian

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we can be miles apart and be in each others corner at the same timE!

How an OBM can serve you in your business...


Constantly thinking a step ahead of what might be helpful to you through the projects we oversee. 


We want you to feel comfortable and confident in how we're serving you in your business.


Asking the right questions is key to getting the powerful answers that will propel you forward.


We are passionate about conflict without casualties. It’s a lost art and it’s necessary for growth. 


We're confident in our skills, but we're also constant learners. If we try something new, I might get a little giddy. (we’ll do our best to ‘be cool’ about it.)


Clarity is kindness and therefore something we value. We will ask questions for clarity and prioritize that in our communication.

Fast facts. . .

Number of sop's created


cups of coffee consumed


Dance parties

kid appreances on zoom calls


Business Values 

It comes before all else. 

FAith and family

You're not alone. 


We work together to achieve your goals. 


We love helping you do what you love. 


Makes service and stewardship possible. 



“Jillian is absolutely amazing!! 
She has helped my business grow exponentially. Not only is she kind and caring on a personal level, she also cares deeply about your business. Her work is outstanding! She is extremely knowledgeable! I am beyond blessed to have worked with her. It is definitely one of the best business decisions I have ever made. ❤️ ” - Jessica H. 

“Jillian is absolutely amazing!! 

“Jillian takes the time to really get a full understanding of what your business needs to grow and flourish. She is prompt, dependable, and concise.” - Jessica H.

"Sometimes you just need someone who can help guide you and take you off the fence. My conversation with Ms.Jillian was delightful as it was insightful. She listened to all the concerns I had and not only was she encouraging but she helped me lay out a blueprint on how I can start positioning my business in the way I have always envisioned it to be and for that I am truly grateful."

"In my view, this was one of the BEST decisions I made to contact Jillian."

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I would love to hop on a call with you and talk through ways we can champion you!

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