Ep. 36: How A VA Can Transform Your Course-Based Business with Mara Kucirek

September 12, 2023

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Episode Highlights:

  • Importance of boundaries and reevaluating them during pregnancy
  • How a virtual assistant (VA) can support course creation and business owners
  • Value and importance of course creation for online business owner
  • Examples of successful course creation in different industries
  • Mindset issues and guilt around creating courses instead of one-on-one services
  • Challenges of creating a course while running a business
  • Role of VAs in supporting course creators, including brainstorming, video-related tasks, and customer support
  • Importance of transcripts, accessibility, and providing worksheets and resources in online courses
  • Collaboration and having support in decision-making and overcoming challenges
  • Tips for improving customer experience and managing testimonials effectively


Episode Recap

The Power of Online Courses: A Conversation with Mara Cucireck

As the Grace-Filled CEO podcast host, I recently welcomed Mara Cucireck, an online course expert, to the show. Mara is a seasoned professional who helps creative entrepreneurs design and launch profitable online courses and digital products. I'll share some key insights from our conversation in this blog post.

Setting Boundaries and Embracing Change

Our conversation began with discussing the importance of setting boundaries, especially during significant life changes. Mara, currently pregnant, shared how she has been reevaluating her boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This topic resonated with me, as setting boundaries is crucial for personal and professional growth.

The Role of Virtual Assistants in Course Creation

We then delved into the main topic of our conversation: the role of a virtual assistant (VA) in the course creation process. Many business owners, we noted, do not fully utilize their VAs or delegate enough tasks to them. As a host, I encouraged VAs listening to the episode to note how they can support their clients and increase their value. I also advised CEOs to share these tactics and resources with their VAs and empower them to take ownership of specific tasks.

The Value of Online Courses

Mara explained the value and importance of course creation for online business owners. She believes that courses provide an accessible opportunity for business owners to help people, especially during uncertain economic times. Courses allow business owners to serve more people without the limitations of one-on-one services.

Mara shared examples of clients she has worked with, such as a food blogger who pivoted from sponsorship work to helping other bloggers through a course on food photography and sponsorships. Another client created a course to help moms struggling with newborn sleep, providing immediate assistance rather than making them wait for one-on-one help.

Overcoming Mindset Challenges

We also discussed the mindset challenges that often arise when creating online courses. Mara explained that many people feel guilty or greedy for creating a course instead of providing one-on-one services. However, she emphasized that creating a course is not greedy but rather a way to help more people in a scalable manner.

The Importance of Support in Course Creation

Mara stressed the importance of having support to make the course creation process easier and faster. She encouraged listeners to seek support, as it helps complete the course sooner and improves its quality.

The Role of a VA in Course Creation

Mara provided a long list of tasks a VA can handle, starting with brainstorming and curriculum development. She also highlighted the importance of transcripts and accessibility in online courses, suggesting that VAs can help generate transcripts and create video descriptions to enhance the learning experience.

Improving Customer Experience and Managing Testimonials

Mara shared valuable tips on improving customer experience and managing testimonials effectively. She emphasized the importance of testing and ensuring customers receive the necessary emails and information after purchasing a product or course.

Balancing Business and Motherhood

Toward the end of our conversation, we discussed how Mara is navigating her new season of becoming a mother while still running her business. She shared her decision to say no to speaking engagements and the need to give herself grace in accepting imperfections in her business during this time.

Wrapping Up

Our conversation with Mara was insightful and informative. She generously shared her expertise and provided valuable resources for anyone considering course creation. To learn more about Mara and her expertise, I encourage you to check out her podcast, “Create a Better Course,” which covers various online course creation topics.

As always, I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with experts like Mara and share their wisdom with you. If you found this post helpful, please connect with me on Instagram. I look forward to bringing you more insightful conversations in the future.

Alright, friends, that is it for this episode! Thanks for joining me today! I appreciate you!

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