Ep 33: The Feast Or Famine Marketing Cycle (And How To Avoid It) With Amanda Warfield

August 1, 2023

Podcasts: The Grace Filled CEO

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Episode Highlights:

  • Amanda shares her mission to help entrepreneurs simplify their marketing strategies.
  • How to be intentional with focusing on quality content that resonates with your audience.
  • How to choose the best content platforms
  • Celebrating the release of Amanda's book, “Chasing Simply Marketing”


Breaking Free from the Feast or Famine Cycle: A Conversation with Amanda Warfield

As the host of the Grace Field Podcast, I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Amanda Warfield, a content marketing strategist and author. Amanda's mission is to help entrepreneurs simplify their marketing strategies, and in our conversation, she shared some invaluable insights.

The Struggle of Marketing

Like many entrepreneurs, Amanda started her business without much marketing knowledge. She found herself spending all her time on marketing instead of growing her business. This struggle is common among entrepreneurs, leading to a feast or famine cycle where they either focus all their time on marketing or neglect it completely.

I could relate to Amanda's experience, having also felt overwhelmed by marketing at times. We often try to meet everyone's needs and appeal to everyone, rather than being focused and intentional. Amanda's approach to simplicity and grace in marketing resonated with me. She emphasizes that marketing doesn't have to be perfect or meet others' standards, but rather serve the specific needs of one's own business.

The Feast or Famine Cycle

Amanda and I delved deeper into the feast or famine cycle. It can occur in different ways, such as when service-based business owners spend all their time marketing to fill up their client roster, but then neglect marketing once they're busy with clients.

Intentional Marketing

Amanda stressed the importance of being intentional with marketing efforts and not simply following best practices. While it's okay to try out new marketing strategies, it's crucial to have a realistic and manageable marketing plan. Many solopreneurs and small business owners try to meet the standards set by larger businesses, but this often leads to burnout and unrealistic expectations.

Simplifying Marketing Efforts

When it comes to simplifying marketing efforts, Amanda suggests showing up on fewer platforms and focusing on 2-3 content platforms that work best for the business. This typically includes a social media platform, an email newsletter, and a long-form content platform such as a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel.

The Power of Repetition

Amanda discussed the importance of consistently talking about your expertise and the need to repeat your message multiple times for it to resonate with your audience. She emphasized that continuously discussing the same topics builds a connection in your audience's mind and helps them remember who you are and what you do.

Simplifying Marketing Strategies

Amanda suggested batch-creating content by setting aside a week every month to create a month's worth of content. This approach saves time in the long run and helps avoid burnout.

Content Batching Effectively

Amanda shared her insights on how to approach content batching effectively. She emphasized the importance of starting with an outline for all four blog posts and then dedicating a day to writing a rough draft for each one.

Energy and Time Management

Amanda discussed the connection between energy and time management. She highlighted that different tasks require different levels of energy and that it's not solely about the amount of time spent on them.

Setting the Tone for the Week

Amanda spends the first day of the week planning and strategizing for the month ahead. This allows her to get into the mindset of batching. She also shares that she lights a candle while writing and treats herself to Zaxby's for lunch on the day she finishes a month's worth of content.

Amanda's Book: Chasing Simple Marketing

Amanda's book, “Chasing Simple Marketing: A Crash Course in Content Marketing for Showing Up, Saving Time, and Growing Your Business,” is aimed at entrepreneurs who are not marketers by trade. The book serves as a guide, providing strategies and foundational knowledge for those who are overwhelmed by the vast array of marketing options available.

Growth and Emotional Journey

Amanda discussed her perspective on growth and how it has taken on a different meaning for her. She sees it as more of an emotional journey and acknowledges the importance of therapy in her growth process.


Amanda's insights on marketing, content creation, and personal growth were enlightening. You can find her on Instagram (@mrsamandawarfield) and her website (, where you can access her podcast and other resources.

Alright friends, that is it for this episode! Thanks for joining me today! I appreciate you!

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