EP 24: How To Show Up For Your Passion In A Season Of Grief with Kelsey Pfleiderer

November 15, 2022

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Episode Highlights:

In this episode with Kelsey Pfleiderer, we talk about all the ways to continue showing up for the things that matter when you are going through a hard time. Kelsey shares her story and encourages us all to find joy in tiny moments. It is possible to continue to make an impact, even though you feel impacted by something going on in your own life. 

  • Embrace the scars of your life; It unfolds a map that leads us to a life we intend to live. 
  • Continuing to solider on
  • Being honest with your clients and loved ones – what this communication looks like
  • Accountability
  • Dinosaur cookie day (lean into it – its a thing!)


Meet Kelsey Pfleiderer!

Kelsey Pfleiderer is a writer from a small town in Ohio, now residing in the Florida Keys with her husband, rainbow baby boy, and a feisty, orange neighborhood cat. After being diagnosed with a rare spinal tumor in 2017, and being met with the reality of her mortality, she left her career in corporate events to pursue her deepest dream of writing full time.  She believes that by embracing our scars, both physical and emotional, we unfold the roadmap that leads us to the life we were created to live. She is currently working toward partnership with a literary agency for her first book. You can find her sharing on dream chasing, motherhood, grief, nonsensical joy and rebellious hope over on Instagram at @Kelsey.Pfleiderer where you can dive into her website link, newsletter goodies, and more!

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