EP 04: Your Role in Building the Future of Women CEOs and 3 Things You Need to Hear

December 27, 2021

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You are listening to episode number 4 of “The Grace-Filled CEO”  I am so glad you are joining me today because today's episode is one I am crazy passionate about and will bring hope to a lot of weary women in business. If you've been feeling like it's just too much lately or you are burning the candle at both ends… I hope you'll listen to the end. There is a good word in this episode today, and it's just for you. Let's jump in!

Now before we get into today's episode, I want to share a resource with you that I think you will love! This episode is sponsored by my free resource, Manage Your Boundaries, Energy, and Time Like a CEO. Because I know you're a busy woman and you probably don't have time to read a 50-page e-book or watch a 20 min video, I have summed this resource up in an audio format (with a transcript of course). In addition to that, it comes with a guided diagram to walk you through where you are feeling the tension in your business and action steps to take to resolve it in a healthy way, as well as email scripts to communicate with your clients through points of tension or conflict. Who doesn't want that?! Feeling that constant pull like you are giving too much of yourself to your clients, but not sure how to NOT do that? Start with this resource. The link is in the show notes! Alright now, let's get to the show!

Are you feeling a little burnt out this time of year? Do you feel like you are stuck in a cycle of growing pains in your business that you can't escape? Are you constantly feeling pulled in all the directions, and wondering if it will ever get better? If you have felt this way or do today, I want to take a minute and take a step back. I literally want you to take a second to pause. Put the dishes down. Stop picking up the house. Let your fingers rest from the million slack responses. Can we just take a moment to talk about what you are doing? You are building a business… AND YOU ARE KILLING IT!!! Did you ever think you would be here?

Listen, I know that it's hard and there are days where you feel like you're screwing it all up, but today, this moment, let's talk about all you're doing right. I remember the day, the smells, the conversation, the food that sat in front of me, the slightly awkward tension, the rapid beat of my heart, as I was told “you can't run a successful business, and be present with your family – you can't have both”.

I was discouraged, confused, and honestly a little mad. What do you mean I can't? Was I naive in that moment of all that it would entail to actually accomplish that? ABSOLUTELY – But I also felt something ignite inside of me. A fierceness, a charge, and honestly It felt like anger at the time, but when I look back I see that anger is sometimes what tells us we can be the change. It tells us what needs to be corrected, and it empowers us to be a part of that solution. We are moms, wives, sisters, friends, volunteers, AND we are CEOs. We are a whole person. To divide any of those titles away from each other would be going against the way God made us. Today that is what I want to focus on and encourage you. This episode is not about your business, it's about you as a whole person.

So that's the first thing I want to share with you…YOU'RE A WHOLE PERSON

Last year, I attended a business conference for women at the most inconvenient time. We'd just pulled both kids out of daycare and I was in the middle of navigating working while having a 5-year-old and a 9-month-old at home with me all day. I had no idea what was going on in my personal life. It felt like I was STUCK in a nightmare some days because there was this constant competition between what my family needed from me, and what my work needed from me. At this conference, I sat in a room of like-minded women in business and just sobbed. Every year when I go to this conference, there is something God puts on my heart, about him and the way he made me that he wants me to be reminded of. And that year it was that I was a whole person. I wasn't just a mom, but also a businesswoman, a CEO. And HE made me to be all of those things. The way things were going was not a cheated version of what I needed, it was what I needed. With that in mind, I got to work. I asked myself some really powerful questions.

  • What matters most to me?
  • What do I want to create in my business that's not typical in a traditional business environment?
  • How am I growing my business with intention, purpose, and heart?
  • What will I not do or tolerate in growing my business and team?

Answering these questions ignited the ember that began in my heart 10 years prior. It led me to build the business that my family needed and the business that my team and clients needed. It empowered me to join the growing conversation that this is a new age of CEOs. Women who come to the table…

  • with fear but with intense focus.
  • with tired eyes but energetic hearts
  • with messy houses, but a business structure that would make steve jobs proud
  • with a full schedule but an even more full heart
  • without a shower sometimes, but with systems and automation that will break your brain
  • with yesterdays messy bun, but an unstoppable mission

The fact that you are here and listening to this, tells me that you are one of these women. And we aren't just building this for us, right? We are building it for our kids to see what is possible. We are building it for our VAs, bookkeepers, Web Designers, OBMs, to say not only, do I understand where you are. I'm with you in where we are going. Being an income earner in your home shouldn't mean that you can't also have the freedom in your life that you desire to raise your kids the way you want, travel as you want, serve as you want. We are building a new future of CEOs who can run a company, have a team, have kids, travel, and take the much-needed time to enjoy their life, and serve their customers really really well. And it starts with us. It starts with that little bit of anger that tells us – WE CAN and WE WILL.

The second this I want to tell you today is this…YOU ARE WORTH GIVING GRACE TO.

This podcast came at a really interesting time. For the past 6 months, I have been on a journey in counseling working through some negative self-talk. Do you struggle with this too? If you aren't sure, but you've been told things like…”Don't beat yourself up over that” give yourself grace” who told you that about yourself” Then maybe this is something to pay attention to. You may have grown up in a home where grace wasn't displayed or given freely. You may have been involved in some form of abuse. you may have just been impacted by a situation in your business life that sent you the wrong message about yourself or your business. Whichever rings true for you, I need you to know something. It does not have the final say of who you are. It truly doesn't even have the power to say anything about who you are. I have really been struggling with this concept of grace – right in the middle of a launch of a podcast called “the grace-filled CEO” and more specifically, giving myself grace.

Grace when we work more than I planned to.

Grace when we mess up dinner or forget to lay out the meat to thaw to even cook.

Grace when we forget about library book Friday or cookies for the party on Friday.

Grace when we're too tired to spend quality time with my husband.

Grace when we have to reschedule with our friends.

Grace when we're late to an event or a meeting.

Grace when we have to reschedule meetings 3 times over because of an unexpected sick kid.

Grace when we cancel.Grace when we screw up.

Grace when we say the wrong thing.Grace when we forget a birthday.

Grace when our house is a wreck.Grace when we didn't eat well that day.

Grace when we get it all wrong.Grace when we show up as HUMAN to our own lives.

That's why this podcast exists. To remind you and me that where ever there is life, there is grace.

Perfection isn't getting it all right, perfection is becoming a whole person and knowing that you're human and there is GRACE for the ways we don't measure up.


Those things are not mutually exclusive, they are best friends. Because that truth that BOTH can be true, IS what points us to the belief that we are who we are… GREAT MOTHERS, GREAT FRIENDS, GREAT BUSINESS WOMEN, Great LEADERS, because of who created us. I wholeheartedly believe that you were made to be all of the things you are, even when you feel as though you can't be them all well. The truth is, you work super hard. The truth is you're tired. The truth is you make mistakes. But the truth is also that you are present when you need to be. The truth is that you make hard choices in hard seasons and are still everything you need to be. The truth is that you're not alone. You're doing a good job. And if no one has told you lately, being enough is not having it all together with the boxes checked, It's about finding your worth in Him and soaking up his grace every chance you get. That is what makes you a grace-filled CEO.

In what ways will you celebrate that today?

What will you do today that will impact what many others think about being a CEO?

How will your attitude and perspective give HOPE to others who are feeling the tension of being a working mom?

These are questions I want you to ask yourself too. Do yourself a favor and spend some time working these things out. They will become a guide to you in your business.

If today you needed this message on encouragement, please pass it on! We can't afford to be in competition with one another. Let's build this next generation of CEOs together. Subscribe to show and share with a friend! See you next time!


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