Ep 29: 3 Ways To Fight Overstimulation As A Business Owner

March 28, 2023

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Episode Highlights:

So many pressures in our lives cause us to be overstimulated. 

But there are many we can control. So, take heart, and join me today to get a few tips and tricks to tackle some of those areas to cut through the noise as a business owner. 


Episode Transcript

Hey friends, we are talking about how to fight overstimulation as a business owner today. There are so many moving pieces in our day-to-day that it’s likely that each of us has felt overstimulated to some extent at some point in our business journey. For me? It feels like every day there is a point I get to that I just feel so so drained. Not all of that is business though. Sometimes it's family, schedule overload, or there's a lot going on in your world.

I am here to tell you that you're not alone and that so many of us, struggle with that same issue. 

And there's a lot about it that we cannot change. It may be specific to your season of life or due to circumstances that you can't change. 

But what we do know is that we get to choose how our business affects us, and how we run it. This episode is coming from me having these issues myself. I am not perfect at this, nor do I feel like I have this down perfectly to a science. But what I do know is that when we learn better we do better. And I know that if I have found something that helps me function, better and more efficiently without losing my sanity, then I am going to share that with you. 

We get to choose how our business affects us, and how we run it.

This episode is gonna be really simple. Because the last thing you need is an overcomplicated drawn-out resource on how to be less stimulated.

Let's just get right to it! 

It doesn't matter what kind of business you own…Networking, connecting, following, engaging, and encouraging requires you to be in everyone's business. 

We are constantly reading people’s blogs, listening to their podcasts, watching their free trainings, following them on Instagram and engaging with their posts, watching their Instagram stories, the list goes on! These are all incredibly valuable things to spend our time doing… until they are not. 

We’re taught that we need to be in it to get the leads we want or the connections we want. We also want to build connections with other people just for the sake of the community. But just like anything else, we need boundaries around that.

As we talk about three ways to fight overstimulation, we've got to first talk about what overstimulates us. Again, this is a reminder that we are talking about things pertaining to the business. If you are overstimulated in your personal life, my prayers are with you, because it may just be that type of season for you. I have been there, I feel like I am there, but where we can control things, and make better choices for ourselves, we should. And we know that we can control specific things in business.

So your Top three things that cause overstimulation as a business owner:

  1. Being too connected– this means connection without boundaries, this breeds comparison or taking things too personally if someone says no. (tip of the iceberg)

  1. Too many meetings – Be protective of your time and respect the energy it takes to be focused or be in a meeting. 

  1. Overconsuming content – Everyone has their own way of doing things. Take everyone's advice with a grain of salt and do what is best for you at the moment. NO FOMO.

If any of those are spot on for you, there is probably some deep mindset work around each of those that we can dig into. 

But I want this to be really actionable for you, so let's go into the 3 ways to fight overstimulation with connection, calls, and content.

  1. Being too connected > Be less available. I’m not saying to not show up for your people, I’m saying everyone needs time to disconnect and you cannot do that when everyone can reach you all the time. Delete apps on your phone, turn off notifications – do what you have to go to your nothing box. (the mental place where you can think about nothing)

  1. Too many meetings > Stack your meetings in one day and consider if they are essential. Are meetings draining to you? Then find creative ways of not doing them. One way to do this is to create a decision tree on when you will take a call and when you won’t. Discovery calls might be the biggest pain point here. We feel attached to them because it’s what gets people in the door. Vet them beforehand, have a team member chat with them or if it’s you, lead them to resources and answers before you book a call. This may also look like taking the call like off your website. Do an inquiry form first to make sure they are worth the time of meeting with you.

  1. Overconsuming content > Find the people who share your values, and who are slightly ahead of you. Content shiny object syndrome is real. I’m all for finding the right fit, but once you find the person who wants what you want for you and can openly speak truth and encouragement to you, stick with them. Be more protective of what you make meaning of. In our business, everyone has a freebie and everyone is sharing value! It’s strategic and it’s important. And it’s also overwhelming when you are in a season of learning and growing. Know when to tune in and when to sit it out. Know when it’s time for growth and when it’s time for stability. 

Now, each of these is going to require you to have some sense of awareness of where you are. Where you are in business, where you are in life, knowing what you can, and can't control, knowing your non-negotiables, and knowing what YOU want. If you don't know those things, I encourage you to start there.

Like I said, I wanna keep this as quick and actionable as possible. So your next step here is figuring out what is the most overstimulating to you today and do one thing that helps you fight being overstimulated by it. 

Do one thing that helps you fight being overstimulated. 

I would love for you to share this on Instagram and be sure to tag me at Jillian Dolberry so that I can share your tips with the rest of the Grace field CEO listeners.

Thank you guys for tuning in today, and I hope that this encourages you to take a step in caring for yourself and caring for your business. I promise you you will be better for it. I believe in you! Talk to you soon.

You’ve got this friend I believe in you. 

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