What if I told you you could get unstuck

in 90 mins

and make this your best year yet?

This has been an interesting year in business to say the least. 

High hopes for the year ahead only get you so far before the rubber meets the road and you know it's time to refine, get focused, and take action. 


My strategy meeting with Jillian gave me the structure and confidence I needed to set my goals and make a plan to achieve them.

Hannah T. said...

I’ve made more progress in the last two months than I have in the past two years!  

Suu said...

I left that first call feeling so energized and encouraged to make things happen (AND have a plan to make it happen), so I knew the next calls would be worth it. 

Hannah A. said...

... she helped me lay out a blueprint on how I can start positioning my business in the way I have always envisioned it to be.

Markeisha said...

Prioritize your business and get clear on what you need to move forward.

βœ… 90 min strategy call

βœ… Recording/Summary of the call

βœ… An actionable plan of next steps

By the end of the call, you will have and action plan of what to do next.

for $347 You're Getting:

Say no more!

Here are some ideas

Wondering what we can cover?

Walk away with a clear plan on how to set the boundaries you need in this season of life.

πŸ‘ Set the right boundaries in your business

Walk away with a plan to make more, work less and how to manage and grow the business and life you love.

πŸ‘ Scale your business on minimum time

Walk away with clarity around who you need, tools for building the core roles of your business, and build a rock solid team culture.

πŸ‘ Figure out how to grow your team

It's simple. you bring the obstacles and We will talk through the solutions.

and more. . . 

Walk away with an idea of how to pivot you business well to maximize profit and sustainability.

πŸ‘ A plan to pivot

It's time to. . . 

Once we work together, know that I am always in your corner and a resource for you for additional support.  

Once a client, always a client

You are a person before you're a business owner. It's my goal to take your real life and lifestyle goals/priorities into account when guiding you in your business. 

There's grace. 

The goals for your business may sound the same as someone else's, but the approach will be so different, because we build it around YOUR LIFE , needs, and goals. 

custom approach

The Approach

I’m thrilled you’ve made it over here. Just by finding someone to help you in your business means you’re making a bold choice to take care of yourself and the well-being of your business. Yes, it's a BOTH/AND situation. You can only run on fumes for so long before you have to bring someone in to help you plan and execute well.

boundary lover | conflict solver | coach | Service-focused

your business has been needing

The right-hand gal

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