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Ready to get out of your head?

Feeling stuck?

Ready to make money and make a difference?

uh  yeah!

How'd  you know?

You read my mind!

Together, we’re gonna walk through my signature process designed to help you dream, focus, and plan, which will build momentum toward your desired impact. If you’ve ever thought “What’s next?” or “What’s really possible?”... You will walk away with answers and a fire in your belly to get after it! 

The Momentum for More Workshop is your blueprint for getting out of your head and getting into alignment so that you can magnify the impact and the potential of your business.



9:00am EST  | 90 MINS


If you're wondering why this time it's different.

oh how I wish we were having this conversation over coffee

 This is a something we consider when we've worked our behinds off and maybe haven't seen the results we were shooting for. But I honored to get to tell you that, you are legit and you're capable of creating impact with and through your business.  

And that starts here with what we call

Serving Your Heart Out

Here's why...

We believe that your business should not just serve your clients well, but serve YOU well. This happens when we arm ourselves with the tools needed to be effective instead of just efficient.

We’ll help you make the move from freelancer to CEO – building a business and life centered on serving well and balancing all of your priorities without sacrificing what matters most 

You’ve got a lot on your plate, and we’re all about giving you the tools, strategies, and resources you need to chase your dreams and prioritize what matters most


 I feel like you truly understand my goals, challenges, and passion. I have worked with several mentors who are absolutely wonderful but they do not really work with service providers and being able to get advice from another service provider in the same industry is very valuable. 


Jillian knows what questions to ask and breaks big dreams down into simple action steps (and checks in for accountability!). I always leave my calls or chats with her inspired to make things happen.